Automatically start a Toggl timer with a Grunt task

Published on April 29, 2014
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Start using grunt-toggl today!

npm install --save-dev grunt-toggl

See the docs and contribute to grunt-toggl on the GitHub repository here:

Some background

I work for many clients and on multiple projects at a time, so it’s important to keep track of my billable hours. My tool of choice for time tracking is Toggl. Check it out if you’re not already a user — it’s got apps for every device and OS and a great reporting dashboard.

Sometimes I forget to start a Toggl timer when I dive into the fun part of web development. But one thing I pretty much always do at the start of a web project is start grunt. So it makes sense to have something to tie the two together. For that reason, I’ve created a Grunt plugin that automatically starts a Toggl timer. It’s available now on npm.

Basically the plugin creates a new asynchronous Grunt task. The task uses the Request library to make an HTTP request to the Toggl API. There are helper arguments in the task that to find your Workspace and Project IDs, too. Anyway, this is my second Grunt plugin and the first one to use Travis CI for continuous integration. Let me know if you use it!