grunt-wendy – CasperJS for GruntJS

A super customizable CasperJS test runner with output filtering

Published on September 19, 2015
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grunt-wendy is my latest Grunt plugin. It’s a CasperJS test runner with customizable filtering and formatting options, which CasperJS alone lacks.


npm install --save-dev grunt-wendy

See the docs and contribute to grunt-wendy on the GitHub repository here: grunt-wendy on GitHub

VS others

Compared to iamchrismiller/grunt-casper and ronaldlokers/grunt-casperjs, the top two Grunt CasperJS test runners (all others are no longer maintained), this task:

  • adds formatting options to format CasperJS’ output
  • adds filtering to filter out unwanted CasperJS output
  • adds option to not fail on conditions — e.g. just output a warning when there are dubious or skipped tests
  • is version locked to PhantomJS 1.9.7 via the node phantomjs 1.9.11 module — this is a troublemaker for a lot of errors with the other tasks
  • fully exposes the casper cli (iamchrismiller’s uses options only), including allowing custom test runner instead of just casper test (neither of the others do)
  • currently maintained by original developer (ronaldloker’s is not, and although pull requests are merged by @gorillamania other chores are not guaranteed: changelog, bump, npm publish)

What’s next?

Planned additions are:

  • SlimerJS support for gecko (use iamchrismiller’s if you need this) and possibly trifleJS support for IE.
  • Optional polyfill auto-injection for Function.prototype.bind, since PhantomJS 1.9.7 doesn’t implement it.
  • Inclusion of other output formats for reporting besides CasperJS’ included xunit xml file